Making money online with a vibrant CAD projects marketplace

Author Topic: Making money online with a vibrant CAD projects marketplace  (Read 3231 times)


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There are heaps of drafting projects for freelance CAD operators at:

I have used this site to get hand drawings CAD drafted in AutoCAD, there are some great operators on this website. There is also a very vibrant marketplace for logo contests, which I have used numerous times, with great success.


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Re: Making money online with a vibrant CAD projects marketplace
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 03:00:20 AM »
I have been there a few times, but what I find is the cheap labour tends to devalue our work as drafters/designers. There is no way I could compete doing a drafting or modelling job from there for $10-20 for a days work and afford to pay my rent and survive here in Australia.

I set up a website a long time ago before Freelancer called Job Auction, but it was before people were ready for it and I found out it can really de-value our labour. I can understand how it can work throughout some Asian countries where freelancers compete against each other for work, with their cost of living being much lower than most western countries, but unless you are living with mum and dad and working for $5/day out of the basement westerners cannot compete on the site.

A similar impact occurs when westerners outsource projects O/S to cheap labour, it has such a negative impact on our own economy. I have no gripes at all with the actual people doing the work, it simply comes back to our standard and cost of living which is governed by the governments, banks and lazy ass top level individuals.