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Architects Final Exam

From Draftsperson.net

1. Design - God, in the Old Testament, had six days in which to design the world. You have two hours. Be sure to refine, correct, update, and edit this design.

2. History - The entirety of Architectural history - propose a hypothesis. Be sure to include specific examples to support your thesis. You have ten minutes. Do not use more than one blue book.

3. Technics - With the materials provided (three straws, a package of gum, twine (3.5 feet), a mango, and 12' of sheet rubber), build a structural model of Notre Dame.

4. Design - In the space of a 10' square cube, design, including adequate, AIA-approved facilities, a day care center, a seminar room, and a reception hall, a center for claustrophobics.

5. Biography - Redesign Le Corbusier.

6. Drafting - In a 3" square space in your book, draw Chartres Cathedral. Be sure to include all windows, doors, surface contours, and a small congregation protesting in front of the Western apse. This drawing should be referential in nature, but should include enough detail so that a scale model could be accurately built from it.

7. Rendering - Draw, in four-point perspective (includes the time axis), the existance of the Villa Rotunda from 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 21, 1926 to 3:21 pm on Monday, June 5, 1984. Be sure to include the Villa's location in relation to the rest of the universe. BONUS: plot the trajectory of the Villa Rotunda through the known universe for the next hundred years. Include illustrations of the Villa in three different projections, as seen from Alpha Centauri. If this plotting ends before the 100 year span with the Villa engulfed in the heart of a star, continue to plot the trajectory of the remains.

8. Theory - Space. Create it, and be prepared to hand it in with your exam.

9. Studio - Chronicle the effects of caffiene upon the nervous system over the course of five days of wakefulness. Be sure to graphically illustrate the loss of any body mass as a result of cutting board.

10. Design - Without reproducing any of their works, or incorporating any of their ideas as precident, design a lunatic asylum for Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Rietveld, and Lloyd Wright. Keep in mind that the inmates will likely attempt to kill each other. Provide for this contingency.

BONUS QUESTION: Define the blue book's role in the spatial refinement and structural development of French Gothic cathedrals.

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