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Embedded calculator for entering distances

From Draftsperson.net

Applies To:

  • Revit Structure 2008,2009. May apply to other versions


When entering distances or other parameters interactively, you can use a handy calculator built into in Revit. Prefix a formula with '=' to envoke the inbuilt calculator.

Example: Copy a wall three times a given distance: In the Copy command enter pick the first point and instead of picking a second point simply enter =3*600. Results are the wall copies 1800 from first point. Revit calls this “entering a formula”. There are other formulas you can input:

Other examples:

=1000+500 result: 1500
=1000/2 result: 500
=1000-500 result: 500
=(100*2)+300 result: 500

Formula abbreviations for arithmetic operations & trigonometric functions:

Addition: +
Subtraction: -
Multiplication *
Division /
Exponentiation /
Division ^ {example: x^y is x raised to the power of y}
Logarithm log
Square root sqrt {example: sqrt(16) }
Sine sin
Cosine cos
Tangent tan
Arcsine asin
Arccosine acos
Arctangent atan
e raised to an x power exp
Absolute Value abs

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