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How to Remove the Educational Stamp in AutoCAD

From Draftsperson.net


When you open a drawing it gives me the warning that this drawing was created with an educational version of the AutoCAD software.


When you plot a drawing that was created in or that contains drawing data that was created in the Educational (Student and Faculty) version of AutoCAD or AutoCAD-based software, the following plot stamp or watermark appears in the plot: For Educational Use Only


There are two elegant ways I have discovered to remove the "educational stamp" from AutoCAD.

Option 1 : In AutoCAD 2000 only, on the pull-down click, File > Recover and then save - The stamp is removed. This option does not work for later versions of AutoCAD.

Option 2 : Download CADopia (the new name for Intellicad). on the pull down click File > Recover and then save - the stamp is thus removed.

This is not a licence to keep on using the educational version, if you are using it please stop! We all hate it when someone sends us files that have the educational stamp!!

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