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AutoCAD DWG format blocks free for your use. We try to save them in AutoCAD 2000 format, which most CAD packages can read. They have been carefully screened for the educational stamp. The standard we aim for is clean, easy to use blocks created on layer 0, byblock or bylayer and insert at 0,0,0. A PURGE and AUDIT on each file and a nice thumbnail preview for your easy selection!

We have put in a good amount of effort. If you enjoy this service you can show your appreciation by emailing your own favorite blocks to the editor.

E-book: AutoCAD Block Best Practices

We draw repetitively when using AutoCAD. If we manage the drawing elements as reusable contents, it will increase our productivity significantly. Not only can we draw faster, we can add information to our blocks. Which allows us to generate reports automatically. This is what Edwins e-book entitled AutoCAD Block Best Practices is all about. Yes, increase your productivity with the block!

Can't find the AutoCAD block you want?

If you cannot find an AutoCAD block you need try Freelancer.com. We are having only positive results from this website. Freelancer.com it works really well - we like it - and we believe you will too.

Featured blocks of the month

image:240L wheelie bin.png image:CMU 190 Plan.png Image:No Entry Sign.png Image:Pool table.png
240 litre wheelie bin.zip CMU 190 plan view.zip No Entry Sign.zip Pool table.zip
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